Friday, February 16, 2007

Chief SEO Speaks

On a recent SES London conference Matt Cutts who is a software engineer and the head of the Google's webspam team has shared his vision for Google in a keynote interview. According to Matt the main theme for Google in years to come will be personalization and localization. The ambition is to organize the world information and store data at Google with Gmail and other tools. Matt was also asked about the spam issue: "Matt answers: There was this guy who claimed there is no way his cloaking could be detected because he used “super duper” cloaking. His “super duper” cloaking had pages name “Doorway-Page-Alta-Vista”, my mom could detect that." And more about the definition of spam: Matt: That can be tough. Litmus test: what was the intent and how was it done. Spammy techniques – sneaky java scripts, techniques that are use help to determine the intent. Measuring how happy users are is important. Spam can be defined as noise, noise from your signal. Off topic spam – you type in your name and get porn. That is not in anybody’s interest. Cookie cutter sites that don’t add any value – 50 sites that there’s no diversity. No value add for the customer. There are definitely shades – some are more serious and some less." Matt was also asked about his favorite Non-Google tool. Yahoo site explorer was the answer.