Friday, March 20, 2009

Simple SEO Tips

Some may say - there is nothing simple about search engine optimisation. However, whether SEO is easy or not really depends on the particular website. In most cases SEO is not difficult as long as sufficient time and effort is invested into the project.
1. Create webpage titles related to targeted keywords.
2. Make your meta description unique for each webpage.
3. Use most important keywords in webpage name or URL.
4. Use cascading style sheets (CSS) rather then tables.
5. Add H1 tags preferably towards the top of each webpage.
6. Implement breadcrumbs functionality on your website.
7. Analyze your targeted keywords using Google suggest.
8. Implement the sitemap as text links.
9. Put CSS and JavaScript into external file.
10. Describe your images with the use of the alt tags.
11. Make sure your site logo alt tag contains your keywords.
12. Avoid automatic directory submission.
13. Find quality links to your website. Not easy.
14. Don't use same anchor text in all your inbound links.
15. Use deep linking to many webpages on your website.