Friday, January 12, 2007

SEO and Public Relations

John Andrews and Todd Malicoat in their recent posts have attempted to describe 16 reasons why people hate SEOs. I think it is very funny insight about what SEOs struggle with on a daily basis. Expert SEO not only makes you feel really stupid but is a Scary Thing too. "Your Expert SEO comes in and immediately everyone can see she knows her stuff. And your stuff. And his stuff. And that guy's stuff. Nobody is safe. This SEO person seems to hold a very broad yet very, very advanced expertise *and* is one of the most creative people you have ever met. This is scary." And about sacred cows "In fact, SEO Experts know that Sacred Cows make the best hamburger. Your SEO Expert says sell the cows and buy a few plastic cows to put out on the lawn at Christmas." Find out more about 16 Reasons People Hate SEOs.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thoughtful Comments

Thoughtful comments on a subject of the post may benefit your blog in more ways than one. If your comment is well-written the blog owner will follow it keenly. Adding questions in comments may enhance the post and start a longer discussion which will lead to clarification of the main subject. Your comments will also add quality back links to your blog which in turn will make your blog more visible on search engines. By adding comments bloggers feel encouraged to continue with their writing. On the other hand authors of nuisance comments know what they are doing. And their strategy never goes a long way, since they will be ignored at best or simply deleted and forgotten.