Monday, May 29, 2006

SEO Contest for Charity

The SEO contest has been announced by the webmaster community forum The keyword phrase for the contest is: "retsambew dash klat for Charity" which means "webmaster dash talk" spelled backwords. The end date is Friday 01 September 2006. To win the website will need to rank the highest for a brand new domain and a keyword phrase "retsambew dash klat for Charity" in Google. The total cash value of the prizes is $5,810.30. The contest conditions stipulate that one must use a brand new domain name and the winning page must link to a charity of your choice from


  1. I hear there is one this year, am i correct in thinking this ?

    from the guys at teesside website design

  2. HI all all new seo contest is about to start and first prize is a car,,

    Great site too,, thanks

    good luck
    philski tasmanian seo

  3. Hi again,

    The official seo world championship started yesterday,
    and the search phrase is
    "globalwarming awareness2007"

    Hopefully you can join in, or start a team. its a great idea to raise awareness about globalwarming and you get the chance to compete against the best Search engine optimizers in the world,

    Kindest regards
    my globalwarming entry,

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