Thursday, August 25, 2005

Interview with SEO Consultant

I share belief with Terrence Gordon from Performance SEO that Search Engine Optimization will become more of a controlled environment and less of a "wild west" as more companies realize its value and start investing larger sums of money. In his recent interview he has been discussing the value of a page rank, integrating Flash into SEO projects, Google sandbox, SEO competitions and return on investment that companies are receiving from Top Rankings in the search engine results. To view the entire interview see Google Blogoscoped.


  1. I'm confused. If this is a spamblog, why do you want us to see this so much? Isn't this merely about getting more links to Pills, Porn, and Casinos?

  2. Like most of the technology SEO is a double edge sword as well. Some people use it to promote lots of useless stuff trying to trap us into buying it. My blog intention is to discuss SEO and I thought that the interview I mentioned has got some valuble advice in SEO matters.

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  4. I have adblocker so I missed the intent of this site.

    It had me confused also.