Tuesday, March 21, 2006

BMW and Fast SEO

Out of control speeding BMW on one of the English motorway was not the only difficulty facing the German automaker. Google has removed the German BMW website from its index and they have learned the hard way that fast SEO strategy does not work very well. The delisting lasted for only three days, and SEO community had a chance to see that no matter how big is the company they need to follow the Google guidelines in order to achieve good search engine positions.
BMW web designers had repeated the words "gebrauchtwagen" and "neuwagen" which means "used car" and "new car" many tens of times on the home page. They used two techniques: invisible text and keyword stuffing to boost the search engine rankings. Those are some of the black hat SEO methods which sooner or later lead to demise of the website.


  1. If google would publish their criteria, they would get the site designs they like.

  2. google hurt bmw sales!? www.gebrauchtwagende.de

  3. haha serves them right!

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  4. all the articles are interesting. but can u confirm they are not copied..?

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  5. The unfortunate result of using risky, unethical, or blatantly false optimization tactics is that your website will be penalized regardless of your knowledge about the risks. Understand that you are still responsible even if your seo company lied about the methods they used to optimize your website.


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