Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Online Advertising

Are you tired of online advertising? Most people would agree that everywhere we look we find so called - efficient targeted online ads, and there are just too many of them. So why if everybody is very tired of all the ads, the website which is full of them and having no other content at all, receives 25,000 unique visitors every single hour? I am referring here to Million Dollar Homepage designed by Alex Tew, a 21-year-old business student from England. If you are not quite tired of online ads you can find his website easily.


  1. Infoworld.com reports about intense DDOS attacks mounting on Million Dollar Homepage.

    "Administrators implemented several proprietary internal techniques to slow and alleviate the effects, he said. "We sort of volunteered our time to do what we could," Weiss said.
    The attacks are coming from computers worldwide, including the U.S., Europe and Asia, Weiss said. The attacks could be the work of a botnet -- a network of computers illegally commandeered for sending spam and DDOS attacks.
    InfoRelay has been in contact with law enforcement about the attacks, and has worked with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation before, Weiss said. "We don't like to see this," he said. "It is illegal."
    While Tew reportedly implored friends and family to buy pixels on the site at first, and attention snowballed as the project continued. He hit his $1 million goal in ads, although Tew wrote in his blog that he was waiting to confirm bids and payment before announcing who purchased the last 1,000 pixels."

  2. That's something I couldn't understand myself especially once I looked at the actual page. The whole clutter of ads just made my head spin and as quickly as i saw the jumble I jumped to a new page. How in the world that site actually gets people to shift through all the adds and increase the sales of the people who advertise on the site is beyond me even as someone who has studied advertising. My graphic design sense overpowers my advertising sense and therefore I couldn't stand staying in that page. Maybe because of the fact that people were so curious about the concept of the site that they had the patience and determination to look through those clutter of ads for something that interested them. But than again the fact that he got media to get coverage about his site would have helped as well...

  3. I wish I had thought of an idea like that. :D

  4. The colouring reminds me of products in a sweet-shop. In fact, the page itself raises all the questions you do by confronting us with an extreme. I hate online advertising, but I like it because it confronts you with the absurdity of marketing.

  5. I try to place ads that are relevant to my blog. I use the ads to help pay for school.

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